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Drago nam je da ste rešili problem. Možete slobodno postaviti i original na engleskom možda će mnogima biti lakše da razumeju.

Thanks to Daneshm90 for 2.0 Modifier/Creator script which is the only way I could get modified update,zip repacked and signed so that kurio would run it. Tried so many things and a simple script from 2010 is what worked. 2.0 Modifier/Creator is available here:
--> 2.0 Modifier/Creator

So put modified kurio update ‘’ on ext-sd card and run it from the recovery console. You will then be able to boot and install updates from kurio via true Over the Air. Or install them from recovery console, (available below). Most likely all pre-installed Apps will be missing. You can retrive them from Kurio at

There are two updates after 106a and they go together to install Google. They are not available online, so I after updates downloaded I stopped update process and copied files as they were both called. They are not modified, but I have renamed them with the build number found in settings after each update.

It may be possible to just run unmodified to recover tablet that already has Google update installed.

***Update files download links:
-Unmodified ‘Kurio7S_OTA_US_106a’ update -->
-Modified ’Kurio7S_OTA_US_106a’ update with no asserts/checks --> -- Will run regardless of current version!

***Next two updates after 106a – Installs Google – Two updates go together
- Unmodified ‘Kurio7S_OTA_US_110a’ update -->
- Unmodified ‘Kurio7S_OTA_US_120a’ update -->

***To root Kurio 7S ---> Download and run from recovery
F#$%*#CK Kurio support.

Below is an image with all build info after Kurio7S_OTA_US_120a update that installs Google which can also be downloaded HERE